Nokia phones with SIP protocol

[Configuration Parameters]

  1. Please check to see that you have the latest available firmware version installed on your phone. The first version of the firmware had SIP bugs that rendered the device unusable with our SIP server (as well as with most other available SIP servers).
    To see which firmware version is installed, press *#0000# on your phone. In the following example, "2.0618.06.05" indicates firmware version 2. If you have version 1, you should go to a Nokia Point to upgrade to version 2 for free.


  2. Once you have firmware version 2 (or higher), you must configure a SIP profile inside the SIP settings that are in Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> SIP Settings.

    Profile name: Messagenet
    Service profile: IEFT
    Default access point: your_access_point
    Public user name:
         [you may also use port 5060 or omit it if required]
    Use compression: no
    Registration: upon request
    Use security: no
    Proxy server:
    -> Proxy server address: sip:
    -> Realm:
    -> User name: 53XXXXX (URI)
    -> Allow loose routing: yes
    -> Transport Type: UDP
    -> Port: 5061
    Registration server:
    -> Proxy server address: sip:
    -> Realm:
    -> User name: 53XXXXX (URI)
    -> Password: your_password
    -> Transport Type: UDP
    -> Port: 5061

  3. After you set up a SIP profile, you must add a SIP profile for Internet telephony using this SIP profile. Go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Internet Phone Settings.
  4. Then, when the WIFI network supplied by the Access Point defined in the SIP Profile is available, go to Menu -> Connectivity -> Internet Phone. Here you should find the name of the profile you have just created. And if you go to Registration Status, you should be able to register your phone.

You get the registration confirmation when a headset icon and a symbol of an active connection to
a wireless network appear on your display

If you want to make a call using Messagenet, dial the number and forward the call over the Internet (from Options, for instance).

Please note that when using some less recent devices, if you lose the wireless network you must register again (Menu -> Connection -> Internet Phone). And if you change access point, you must modify your Messagenet SIP Profile previously and specify your new Access Point. This problem is due to limits of the SIP Client integrated in Nokia series E devices, and is expected to be solved in the next firmware releases.


Follow this example in the images: