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Messagenet is a leading company in the development and on-line commercialization of VoIP, mobile, SMS and fax services, with more than 400,000 registered users, more than 5 million minutes of conversation and 2.5 million faxes per month.

Messagenet Team

Our mission is to create innovative, trustworthy, and hi-quality services that will bring concrete advantages, convenience, and savings to our users.

We are strong supporters of open standards and interoperability and work every day to realize the full and, at times, unexplored potential the Internet in every day communication.

History and products:

Messagenet releases Lyber, a business phone number that you manage from your mobile and help you to manage your customers phone calls.

Messagenet launches Taglia Canone on the Italian market. Taglia Canone users can get rid of the monthly telecom landline fee, save 130€ per year and get call to their home phone number of their mobile.

Messagenet adds to mTalk - new name of Messagenet talk app - the ability for a user to create a personal web page with an address of choice through which they can be called and receive text messages from anyone for free.

mTalk for Android is released; it represents the first Web RTC-based smartphone app that functions as part of a commercial service. This development represents Messagenet's first step towards a browser based VoIP service for smartphone and PC's and is a further testament of the company's commitment to a true, open source communications platform.

With the explosion of the mobile market, Messagenet launches the app mTalk for iOS, formerly known as Messagenet Talk. This free app allows same users to talk and text for free wherever they are in 3G and wifi and call out (or SMS) to any phone number worldwide at very competitive VoIP rates. The service also offers the possibility to add national or international phone numbers to one's mobile; a convenient way to eliminate roaming charges and gain flexibility on the go.

SmartSMS is launched permitting users to send SMS easily and economically from their own PC's.

Messagenet enters the landline voice market (VoIP) with FreeNumber and SmartNumber, two services which allow users to choose via internet their own national or international phone numbers and use them to call worldwide at very convenient prices (as well as bring their pre-existing numbers within the Italian market).

Messagenet was born in 1999 from COMM2000 with the launch of FreeFAX: an innovative, convenient and still popular service which allows users to receive faxes directly on their e-mail. It is soon followed by FAXin and FAXout which permit unlimited number of incoming and outgoing faxes directly from their desktop (Windows & Mac).

The company

Messagenet is headquartered in Milan, Italy.


The two co-founders Messagenet are Andrea Misa Galli and Marco Fiorentino


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