FreeFAX: receive your faxes in your email box free

The first FREE service in Italy to receive faxes via email.

FreeFax Subscribe now to the FreeFAX service and get your own Italian fax number with the area code of your choice!

How it works:


Cheap and eco-friendly

Annual fees for a Telecom fax line will be a thing of the past because you won't use a dedicated fax line. You'll no longer need a fax machine, paper or toner, and so you'll be protecting the environment and saving money.

Easy and convenient

No more lost faxes, exhausted toner cartridges, jammed paper or busy or faulty phone lines: FreeFAX is completely automatic and digital. It is accessible from your home, office or wherever there is an Internet connection. Read your faxes with a click! File, share, print and forward your faxes.

Reliable and confidential

Receive faxes in your mailbox, safe from prying eyes.


To start using FreeFAX, you only need an Internet connection (not necessarily broadband), an email address and the software to open PDF documents. Read more details about this service in the FAQsection.


As a FreeFax user, you have access to a priority email support service.

FreeFAX activation

FreeFAX is free.

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