Messagenet Rates

Rates include VAT

VoIP Rates

FreeNumber: free.

SmartNumber 30.00  €/year + 7.00  € activation fee.

Here are Rates for calling anywhere in the world.

You can call if you have Freenumber or Smartnumber. All rates are without connection fee. You only pay for the seconds that you talk. Calls between Messagenet users are free.

FAX Rates

FreeFAX: free.

FAXin: 50.00  €/year + 15.00  € activation fee.

Here are Rates for sending faxes anywhere in the world.

The service can be purchased by itself. Only the pages effectively received at destination are invoiced. A Delivery Confirmation note for the successfully sent pages is included.

Text Messaging Rates

SmartSMS: from 0.0600  € for each text message sent towards all available destinations. A Delivery Confirmation note is included.

Taglia Canone Rates

Here are the Taglia Canone rates

Lyber Rates

Here are the Lyber rates

Here are the PowerLyber rates

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